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Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Sofer Center.

If you need a Mezuzah, Pair of Tefillin, Megillah, or  Sefer Torah, you have reached the right place. I  know it is not always easy to make a decision what to purchase because of the various different styles of handwriting as well as the varying levels of Hidur.

To help make your purchasing decision easier, I have created this website; it provides detailed information on the various types of Ksav, Tefillin and Mezuzos. This will aid you in making an informed decision. Should you have questions that are not answered by this website, or if you would just like to speak to a live person, that also is OK. Just give me a call or send me anEmail and I will personally assist you in finding the item that best suits your particular needs.

The Sofer Center is special and unique. It is not a Judaica Store, rather it is a  Safrus Office.  This difference is critical when it comes to ensuring that you have a quality item that suits your particular needs. Many Judaica Stores offer one stop convenience; they sell many items including, menorahs , books, keychains, Mezuzas and the like. Unfortunately, they may also employ sales people who are not knowledgeable as to the subtle differences in the different Ksavim/handwriting and levels of Hidurim/standards. Moreover, the source of the Ksav may not be known; can the sales clerk verify that the Sofer is a Yirei Shomaim?

The Sofer Center is different. I exclusively sell Mezuzos, Tefillin, Megillos and Sifrei Torah. And either I wrote them myself, or I know who the Sofer is. In addition, I am very well versed as to the subtle differences in the different styles of writing and levels of Hidurim, and how it should be geared to your customs. At the Sofer Center, each item is unique and special; you won’t find any barcodes here!

Tefillin and Mezuzos are an important investment, and it is vital that it is written correctly. The blessings of G-D come to man and his family through his Mitzvos such as Tefillin, and your and your family’s protection and safety comes through the Mezuzos you have in your home. When it comes to such matters, place your trust in an expert Sofer/Scribe. Buy your menorahs, and books from the Judaica store.

In addition to selling, I check Mezuzos, Tefillin, Megillos and Sifrei Torah, and when necessary, I repair and restore them according to Halachah.

Thank you again.

Rabbi Sholom Kass